I’ve always had a fascination with true crime ever since I read the book “The Profession of Violenceby John Pearson at the age of 12, it was all about the life and times of the infamous Kray Twins, Ronnie & Reggie.

The Kray Twins were probably a great introduction to the world of true crime as they had a life filled with war, poverty, boxing, glamour, violence, and of course, crime, of most descriptions.

From there I found an appreciation for the science of criminal deduction when I read books by, among others Sir Bernard Spilsbury the famed British pathologist. After this, you could say I was hooked and I read everything that I could find from Jack the Ripper to John Wayne Gacy and from the Great Train Robbery to the Isabella Stewart Gardner heist of 1990 and everything in between including mass murder, serial murder, gangsters and organized crime, kidnapping, ransom demands and even the extremely unsavoury crimes of the Moors murderers, Ariel Castro and more.

As a true crime fan, I am always intrigued by what crimes occurred on certain days, for example, I always look at my birth date to see what happened and from there I look at anniversaries, etc I know a lot of crime buffs have the same thoughts and so I decided to create A Crime A Day as a chronological account of a year so you can see who was born on the same day as you, what crimes occurred on anniversaries and so much more.

Each day is filled with details of births, deaths, and events and one item each day has been chosen as an event, birth, or death of the day, this has been chosen normally by historical importance or by its legendary status in the true crime community.

I have collated each event and where possible I have added a link that should give you a brief piece of knowledge about each and every entry. For reasons that can occur with third-party websites, I cannot guarantee the exact information given in each and every link.

Do you know any events, births, or deaths we may have missed? Please do let us know using our contact form and we will add those details to our listings.